How you can transfer your Photos from iPhone to Computer?

There are many different methods for transferring photos from the iPhone to your computer. Some methods need a USB cable for this purpose. But some methods allow the wireless transfer.

USB Cable or Wireless
Firstly, decide what medium you want to choose for transferring the photos. If you want to transfer them by cable then you need to connect your iPhone to the USB port of the computer with the lighting cable.

iCloud Photo Library
If you do not want to transfer photos via cable then you can also choose for wireless transfer using iCloud Photo Library or AirDrop. iCloud is the Apple's online data storage service. iCloud Photo Library allows you to store your whole photo collection in iCloud. Photos which are present in iCloud Library can download to your all iCloud devices which include your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC. Photos will be transferred over Wi-Fi.  Go to Settings>>[name]>>iCloud>>Photos. Once the iCloud library is open, your whole photo library will be uploaded to iCloud.
For using iCloud Photo Library, You should have enough iCloud storage.
Apple offers you 5GB free iCloud storage; if you want more storage then you can buy a plan at $.99 per month for 50GB.

1.   iCloud Photo library on Windows PC It is easy to transfer photos from iPhone to PC with the help of iCloud. Once you set iCloud in PC, then all new photos will directly download to your PC.
Go to Settings>>[name]>>iCloud>>Photos.
Check that your computer is having iCloud Windows software installed or not. If not, then download it from Apple website.
Open iCloud for Windows and sign in with same Apple ID as your iPhone. Contact iCloud Customer Service Phone Number for more details.
2.    Windows Photo App
For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the Photo app provides an easy way to import photos from iPhone to PC. This method uses a USB cable for transfer.
Connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable. Open your iPhone and all the trust agreements.
Open Photo app on PC and select Import. Select the photos which you want to import and click the continue button.
Windows will save the photos to Picture library but can also change the location according to our will, then click Import.
3.   Windows AutoPlay Options
If you have Windows 7, you can use AutoPlay option to import photos from iPhone. You can also use AutoPlay in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Connect the iPhone to PC with USB cable. Open your iPhone and confirm the trust agreements. An AutoPlay window will appear on your desktop screen, you're your iPhone is connected to PC. It will offer you many options:
To import new photos from iPhone, click on Import Photo and Videos button. Windows will detect the newest pictures and import them into a folder in the Pictures Library.
The folder will be named with the date you imported the photos. You can also tag the photos with the descriptive tag name.

If you prefer to choose selective photos to import, then select Open Device to View Files when the AutoPlay window appears. This allows choosing the photos and then copy and paste or dragging the photos in your PC. Afterward, you can organize the photos according to your preference.


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